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My guiding concepts and approach.

I'm here to help you develop healthy rhythms to restore your energy, wellness and balance. My holistic process and approach will help you form deep connections in a unique group setting.

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It's all too easy to skid into the territory of burnout, along with a host of physical symptoms that accompany it.


Despite knowing everything I know, I still fell into the trap of over-working, over-giving, and over-scheduling.  Chronic stress and isolation landed me in a health crisis and an autoimmune disease that took years to recover from.


What is wellness?

Wellness is a state of wellbeing where our physical, mental, social, and emotional dimensions are in balance. Wellness is also a practice and a process, so the choices we make and the actions we take each day matter. Achieving wellness comes when we fully integrate our connection to Self, connection to Community, and connection to seasonal BodyMind rhythms.

Healing happens here.

Healing comes in many shapes and sizes, and the most powerful healing often happens in connection with our peers. I'm committed to making you feel seen and supported as you embark on a journey toward optimal BodyMind health.

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Therapeutic Models & Guiding Concepts

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, is an evidence-based model of psychotherapy. It has become much more than that, however, due to its empowering framework that is simple to apply yet deeply transformative.

IFS asserts that our minds are naturally multiple and that we all have “internal parts.” These internal parts of ourselves have important qualities that impact the larger system of our mind.  Similar to how members of a family impact one another — sometimes they all get along, sometimes they don’t these parts heavily influence our daily experience. 

In addition to each of us having these inner parts, we also have a Self. The Self is the leader of the system, and capable of healing parts that hold past hurts, stress, and even physical symptoms. Imagine the Self as the parent we’ve all longed for (and some have experienced), providing the ultimate sense of deep comfort and safety. 

We all deserve to feel calm, centered, and confident. When our internal worlds are in balance this is possible. I'll show you how to connect with all that is happening beneath the surface of your mind, a place where we rarely take the time to explore. Beyond that, I'll guide you toward becoming an unstoppable trailblazer in your own healing journey.

Learn more about the IFS model.  

Body Thrive™: Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga

My programs incorporate components of Body Thrive™, a system designed by Wellness expert Cate Stillman. I'll guide you through essential daily habits drawn from Cate’s research over the past 20+ years. These habits are simple, yet powerful. They are based on the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and have been practiced for thousands of years by people who desire a “whole person” approach to wellness. Ayurveda focuses on cultivating balance, an elusive concept to most of us fighting chronic stress and burnout.

I’ll show you how to integrate these small habits into your daily routine. You’ll learn the importance of aligning with the natural rhythms of the sun and of the seasons. I’ll teach you that the small choices you make each day matter to your overall experience of life. You’ll learn how to prioritize deep sleep, how to meet your needs for nourishment and movement, and how to tune into the small shifts that your body and mind need in order to thrive in today’s world.

Healing comes in many shapes and sizes. The most powerful healing often happens in connection with our peers.

My Core Beliefs

Self: When you’re Self-led, you’re operating from a foundation of inner balance and wholeness. It means you're capable of optimal functioning, even in the face of extreme stress and fatigue. Being Self-led means you turn inward and have the ability connect to your own wisdom and truth. This reduces your dependence upon others and instead opens up valuable space for Self-led healing. My programs help you explore ways to increase confidence in your “Self” and turn inward to listen to the parts of you that need your attention and guidance.


Community: Quite simply, we heal faster in groups. Positive connections build safety and a sense of belonging – antidotes to fear, isolation, depression, and burnout. Being a member of a dynamic community enriches our lives and makes us feel seen, heard, and valued. We need to be reminded of the power each one of us has to lift up others, transfer our energy, and build on each other's strengths. My programs are designed to provide safe, confidential spaces where healing and evolution happen, naturally.


Rythms: My programs introduce participants to a broad range of evidence-based practices that nourish the complete person. We will be using elements of ancient traditions along with the Circadian Rhythm to create a loose framework as we explore daily and seasonal practices that support all dimensions of wellness, from moving the body to slowing down the nervous system, and everything in between. A well-balanced, healthy life is the goal, and we arrive there together, by supporting one another.


"Alexis is the perfect facilitator for this work, and she's the most thoughtful and intentional guide, wherever you are on your journey toward living your life with the utmost intention."


  • Ashley R.
    Spring 2022 Program Participant

Join our flock.

I invite you to let go of the stress, anxiety, and feelings that overwhelm you. Get past the fear to a place where you can flourish. Our community embraces the philosophy that we heal better together.

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