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S A N A  C O P I A

Private Wellness Sessions

Our private wellness sessions for women – which are open to current participants in our yearlong program – allow for a deep dive into intentional transformation and healing.

Format: Individual        Delivery: Virtual, Synchronous, Online        Duration: 6 hours

Please note: space is limited. In order to be eligible for private sessions, participants must be registered in the Sana Copia Arcus Meloria yearlong program

   Customize your personal wellness journey.

   Participate in six sessions tailored to your unique situation and schedule.

   Our series of six 1:1 synchronous, virtual sessions take place via Zoom and run 60 minutes in length.


Every now and then, life invites us to pause, reflect, rediscover, and redefine ourselves. In these customized sessions, Alexis will provide the direction and resources to address your individual wellness concerns, needs, and goals – at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

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Give yourself the gift of 1:1 exploration and healing with a clinically trained mental health professional who has firsthand experience with self-transformation.

“The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.”