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Y E A R L O N G  P R O G R A M

Arcus Meloria

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Arcus Meloria

BodyMind Connections | The Female Wellness Journey

The yearlong program incorporates the benefits of small group healing in a synchronous, virtual format. It's a safe, inclusive, supportive, authentic, and compassionate space where you'll find encouragement, camaraderie, celebration, and guidance. Spanning the course of 12 months, it offers the time, tools, and inspiration to create small, incremental changes that will significantly improve the quality of your life.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 40 (60-minute) group sessions via Zoom (3-5 times per month) in which we kickstart habits for renewed wellbeing, establish mindset tools and practices, and create bonds with flock members.
  • One 30-minute private (1:1) session with Alexis via Zoom per season (totaling 2 hours throughout the course of the year).
  • Ongoing asynchronous connection with Alexis via Loom throughout each season. (Loom is a tool that enables sending and receiving sharable videos.)
  • Ongoing access to a private course hub with materials and resources to support your wellness journey.
  • Ongoing access to a private online chat space where participants can create and maintain connection.

The next Arcus Meloria program begins January 2023. To find out if this program is a good fit for you, please set up your free private discovery conversation.






Arcus Meloria is a yearlong small group wellness program offering the nourishment of a structured format and a community of women. It provides the fresh perspective, support, and accountability of a shared wellness journey.


The Problem

Women everywhere are feeling burned out and alone. The impact of a global pandemic coupled with already too-high expectations are driving women to feel a desperate level of isolation and a sense of being trapped in a life that is not serving them.    

The Solution

Arcus Meloria is a shared journey through four seasons of slow and steady evolution, designed specifically for women who long for a better way of living their lives. Moving through the seasons collectively, noticing and celebrating effort and change, feeling propelled to make positive choices this is what it’s all about.   

Why Arcus Meloria?

You likely do so much for everyone else. It’s time to put your own needs on the map and set your destination toward a life built on wellness and ease. Even with all that you already have going on, it IS possible to take this step toward healing and growth. You’ll thank yourself for it! In Arcus Meloria, women are linking hands and helping one another; the way life should be.

Tentative Yearlong Schedule, by Season

Arcus Meloria, which spans across all 12 months of the year, is segmented into four seasonal sessions: Winter/Hiberno, Spring/Aestas, Summer/Vernal, and Fall/Autumnus. Eash session contains themes inspired by the season in which it takes place. Take a look at seasonal theme descriptions below.


Throughout the cooler and darker months of January, February, and March, we lean into rhythms of restfulness and ease. Winter can be a time of slowing down and turning inward. In Hiberno, we will focus on nurturing the Self so that when the longer, brighter days of spring are upon us, we feel ready to open up, expand, and grow.

The winter session begins mid-January and extends through mid-March. Check back soon for dates.

The spring season slowly moves us into a new phase of growth and development. Like the bright green shoots of early spring vegetation, we're preparing to be seen and known. In Aestas, we will focus on letting go of old narratives and creating space to make new meaning in our lives.

The spring session begins in early April and extends through early June. Check back soon for dates.

The summer heat will illuminate us as we embrace what is often a busy, active season. In Vernal, we will practice moving between activities with ease instead of stress. We will be cultivating an "abundance mindset" while holding sacred the BodyMind rhythms that we've created for ourselves.

The summer session begins in mid-June and extends through late August. Check back soon for dates.


Autumn can begin with a hustle before the dark evenings return. Letting go of the long summer days and embracing the daily routine can be hard for some. For others, it feels like a breath of fresh air. In Autumnus, we'll move through this beautiful season harvesting what we have been planting. We will be mindful that what we plant will grow – be it healthy rhythms or toxic patterns. Without judgment, we will move toward "extreme ownership" and learning how the truth can set us free.

The fall session begins in mid-September and extends through late November. Check back soon for dates.

Quotation mark

I choose to offer a yearlong program because creating real and lasting change takes time. Dismantling chronic stress is a process, and I’m not interested in selling you a quick-fix gimmick. I’m dedicated to walking alongside you in this journey, step by step, while you develop a new way of experiencing your life.